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Although you know that it might not be read by anyone, you still have to actively write the copy.
Today, I will mainly introduce to you the production process of white fluffy rug target.
The first step is spinning. After we extract the filaments from the raw materials, we need to spin the yarn through a spinning machine.

According to the requirements of different yarn counts, we can cut yarns of accurate thickness.
The second step is weaving. After the yarn is spun, we will wind the yarn on the spool to achieve the purpose of convenient use.

The fabric of the imitation sheepskin carpet is mainly used on the warp knitting machine, and the spool is placed on the warp knitting machine. Start weaving
The third step is dyeing. After weaving the grey fabric with yarn, it is all white cloth.

At this time, it can be dyed in different colors according to the order. (Of course it is dyed with the beaker sample after the customer’s confirmation).
The fourth step is the finishing process. The dyed grey fabric needs to go through the steps of finishing, smoothing, fixing, etc., which can make our sheepskin carpets smoother, softer and brighter.

This is also the most important production step. First, the quality of dyeing and finishing will directly affect the final color and effect of the carpet.
The fifth step is compounding. After all the fabrics are finished, we will compound them.

The purpose is to make the fabric and the bottom tightly bonded together, so that the bonded carpet will not be damaged.
The sixth step is cutting. We make cutting plates according to the different sizes and shapes of the customer’s orders, and put them on our automatic cutting machine.

The cutting opportunities help us accurately cut out the size and shape聽we want for white fluffy rug target.
The sixth step is to lock the edge. The edge lock is to lock the edge of the white fluffy rug target with thin threads, so that the hair around the carpet will not fall off, making the carpet more practical and beautiful.
The last step is to add accessories packaging and pack them into cartons according to the customer’s requirements.
Each link has corresponding quality inspection personnel to follow up and conduct random inspections to ensure that there will be no quality problems in all links, and to complete your orders as required more quickly.
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Which kind of sheepskin We do?


We are manufacturer of faux fur shag rug, faux rabbit fur rug, customized area rug and bath mat in China.

As below is the main styles of faux fur rug, for more other styles you like, can click here:


鈬扚or the faux fur rug, we do many different styles of yarn, weight, pile height, backing, package, shape:


Yarn Yarn WeightPile Height Backing Package Shape Colors
Plain 750+ 3+ SuedeCarton Rectangle Blush
Tip dyed 950+ 5+ TPR PDQ Round Grey
End Dyed 1050+ 7+ Canvas Opp Bag Animal Ivory
Silver/Gold 1150+ 9+ Dots Pallet Heteromorphic Any


鈬扐ll the technology data can be matched randomly to creative an own quality faux fur shag rug for you yourself.


How We do?

  • A complete production line is very important for a faux fur shag rug factory.
  • From knitting, dyeing, trimming, combination, cutting, sewing, inspection to get a deliverable product
  • Each step has special People to take a responsibility to make sure your goods quality before delivery.


How To Get It?

  • Our sales team is online 7*24 hours to answer all questions and help you to get suitable quality
  • Our after-sales team is online 7*24 hours to follow up all status of your orders
  • The contact information as below is our VIP direct receipt channel


How to Contact Us?

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Contact Person: Sophia Niu

Mobile/ Wechat/ WhatsApp: 86 18322112838

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