Fur Rug Vendor in China

Fur Rug Vendor in China

Fur Rug Vendor in China
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As a reliable fur rug vendor in China, we聽develop many kinds of fur rugs, which are with different yarn, different shapes and colors.

According to inquiry of customers, we would like to meet their request and pay more attentions.

As below are some introduction of fur rug vendor–Tianjin Jiachuan Carpets Co., Ltd


Welcome to our website. We are a factory specializing in the production of fur rugs. We distinguish different quality and meet different customer needs.

We have a stable supply of raw materials and our own perfect production line to produce fur rugs.
Our company now mainly produces imitation wool carpets with the quality of long wool and high gram weight.
The hair length is generally 6-8cm. (it can be adjusted according to your requirements)
The weight of grams is generally 900-1300 grams. (adjusted according to your requirements)
We choose suede as the base cloth of imitation sheepskin carpet. (it can be adjusted according to your requirements)
In terms of packaging, we use custom washed labels, color cards and cartons, which is an OEM & ODM way of making goods, which can meet the requirements of customers who want to show their brand on products and packaging.
In addition, we can provide vacuum packaging to save space for customers. Because of the rise of sea freight, more and more customers hope to load more goods in containers.
If you are also interested in cooperation with fur rug vendor in China, you can call or email us for details.
For the above parameters, we have listed detailed tables in the following introduction. You are welcome to consult.



鈬扚or the fur carpet, we do many different styles of yarn, weight, pile height, backing, package, shape:


聽Yarn聽Yarn WeightPile Height聽Backing聽聽Package聽Shape聽Colors
聽Tip dyed聽950+聽5+聽TPR聽PDQ聽Round聽Grey
聽End Dyed聽1050+聽7+聽Canvas 聽Opp Bag聽Animal聽Ivory


鈬扐ll the technology data can be matched randomly to creative an own quality fur聽carpet for you yourself.


How We do?

  • A complete production line is very important of a fur rug vendor.
  • From knitting, dyeing, trimming, combination, cutting, sewing, inspection to get a deliverable product
  • Each step聽has special People to take a responsibility to make sure your goods quality before delivery.


How To Get It?

  • Our sales team is online 7*24 hours to answer all questions and help you to get suitable quality
  • Our after-sales team is online 7*24 hours to follow up all status of your orders
  • The contact information as below is our VIP direct receipt channel


How to Contact Us?

Company Name: Tianjin Jiachuan Carpets Co., Ltd

Contact Person: Sophia Niu

Mobile/ Wechat/ WhatsApp: 86 18322112838

Email: [email protected]

Skype: jc-sophia