Floor Sheepskin White Fluffy Runner Rug

Floor Sheepskin White Fluffy Runner Rug

White Fluffy Runner Rug
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We need to find a supplier that can cooperate, why?
First, he can accurately understand your needs instead of simply understanding your words.

For example, if you want a white fluffy runner rug, he will quote you directly, but he may not know the quality and quality you want specific needs.
This will cause the products or packaging or details he provides to you that do not meet your market needs.
Second, he must have a complete production line instead of simply agreeing to you.

For example, you ask him to complete your white fluffy runner rug order in a short time, but there is no reason to delay later, which will cause you to the customer’s dishonesty makes the customer disappointed in you.
Third, he must have a strict inspection process of white fluffy runner rug, not just finish the goods.

For example, he said that the goods have been completed and can be shipped, but because he did not perform quality inspections during the production process, wait for the goods to arrive.

However, the customer’s warehouse finds that there is no way to solve this or that kind of problem,

which will only cause trouble to you and make your customer feel very unreliable at the same time.
Fourth, he must provide you with perfect after-sales service of white fluffy runner rug, not the end after the goods are delivered.

For example, if there is a problem in the sales process after your goods are received, you can find him to solve it, and he will not do it.

Responses or negative attitudes will cause poor consumer feedback and affect the next purchase.
A lot of problems will be encountered in a cooperation, and many things need to be communicated and coordinated by everyone.

Problems are not terrible, because in the production process, even if we are strict, there may be problems, but the premise is that it is true.

Pay attention to these problems and solve them in a timely and effective manner.
Finding a suitable supplier is not easy, there is one here, please feel free to call or email us at any time, we will do our best to meet your requirements.

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Which kind of sheepskin We do?


We are manufacturer of white fluffy runner rug, faux rabbit fur rug, customized area rug and bath mat in China.

As below is the main styles of faux fur rug, for more other styles you like, can click here:


⇒For the white fluffy runner rug, we do many different styles of yarn, weight, pile height, backing, package, shape:


Yarn Yarn WeightPile Height Backing Package Shape Colors
Plain 750+ 3+ SuedeCarton Rectangle Blush
Tip dyed 950+ 5+ TPR PDQ Round Grey
End Dyed 1050+ 7+ Canvas Opp Bag Animal Ivory
Silver/Gold 1150+ 9+ Dots Pallet Heteromorphic Any


⇒All the technology data can be matched randomly to creative an own quality faux fur shag rug for you yourself.


How We do?

  • A complete production line is very important for a faux fur shag rug factory.
  • From knitting, dyeing, trimming, combination, cutting, sewing, inspection to get a deliverable product
  • Each step has special People to take a responsibility to make sure your goods quality before delivery.


How To Get It?

  • Our sales team is online 7*24 hours to answer all questions and help you to get suitable quality
  • Our after-sales team is online 7*24 hours to follow up all status of your orders
  • The contact information as below is our VIP direct receipt channel


How to Contact Us?

Company Name: Tianjin Jiachuan Carpets Co., Ltd

Contact Person: Sophia Niu

Mobile/ Wechat/ WhatsApp: 86 18322112838

Email: [email protected]

Skype: jc-sophia