Large Customized Quality Faux Fur Rug

Large Customized Quality Faux Fur Rug

Large Faux Fur Rug

Width size: 1.5-1.8m

Pile height: 3-8cm

Backside: suede backing

Weight: 700-1500gsm

Color: beige, old pink, blush, silver, grey, ivory, etc

Machine washable

OEM available

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What Product We do?


As a professional faux fur rug manufacturer, today we will mainly introduce how to distinguish the quality of a faux sheepskin product.

First of all, for the following products, are they only the difference in color and shape? Size and color will not affect the price, but the following products have a big price difference.

You may ask: why? The answer is as below:

The first point: look at its material.

The material of faux fur rug is divided into three types, 100% acrylic, blended acrylic and polyester, and 100% polyester.

Different content of ingredients will bring different prices, but also cause differences in carpet fabrics.

The second point: look at its weight.

In the case of the same composition ratio, the higher the weight of the faux fur rug, the higher the price, and it will be thicker and more hand-feel.

The third point: look at its hair length.

In the case of the same composition ratio and the same density, if the hair length is shorter, the product will be lighter, the corresponding raw materials will be used less, and the price will be lower.

The fourth point: look at its feel.

If the color of a faux fur rug is not healthy, bright, and the surface is not smooth, it is because the subsequent processing is not done properly, making the carpet not more fluffy.

Fifth point: look at its yarn.

Different styles of yarn will have different prices, such as straight yarn and curved yarn, the production process will be different, and the cost will be the same.

Sixth point: look at its style.

In addition to the style of the yarn, there is also a case of the color of the yarn.

The price of the same plain product will not be different, but if you only want the top of the yarn to have a color, it will affect the production process.

We need to add more processes to complete.

Faux fur rugs are products that require many procedures to complete, and there may be deviations in any link, so you need to be careful when choosing a supplier.

Our company has been producing faux fur rugs for many years, and we are very familiar with the general and special requirements of customers.

At the same time, we are willing to cooperate with customers to develop new products.

If you are interested in this product, we hope to receive your calls and emails as soon as possible.

We will provide you with more professional products and services, so that you can get more orders and praise from customers.



⇒For the faux fur rugs, we do many different styles of yarn, weight, pile height, backing, package, shape:


 Yarn Yarn WeightPile Height Backing  Package Shape Colors
 Plain 750+ 3+ SuedeCarton  Rectangle Blush
 Tip dyed 950+ 5+ TPR PDQ Round Grey
 End Dyed 1050+ 7+ Canvas  Opp Bag Animal Ivory
 Silver/Gold 1150+ 9+ Dots Pallet Heteromorphic Any


⇒All the technology data can be matched randomly to creative an own quality faux fur rug for you yourself.


How We do?

  • A complete production line is very important of a faux fur rug factory.
  • From knitting, dyeing, trimming, combination, cutting, sewing, inspection to get a deliverable product
  • Each step has special People to take a responsibility to make sure your goods quality before delivery.


How To Get It?

  • Our sales team is online 7*24 hours to answer all questions and help you to get suitable quality
  • Our after-sales team is online 7*24 hours to follow up all status of your orders
  • The contact information as below is our VIP direct receipt channel


How to Contact Us?

Company Name: Tianjin Jiachuan Carpets Co., Ltd

Contact Person: Sophia Niu

Mobile/ Wechat/ WhatsApp: 86 18322112838

Email: [email protected]

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